• Proposal Support

    So… you like our stuff and would like to propose it to your clients? Of course you can grab screen shots and retype apparatus descriptions if you’d like, but we can do better than that. Our goal is to help you communicate to your clients just how cool our solutions can be. For this reason, you will find the proposal support you’ve always wanted on this page.

    Downloadable docs you can use

    There are links to information sheet PDFs of each of our devices on their relevant pages. Here you will find links to word versions of those PDFs. Just locate the category and device below, click the link to download and then copy paste the text right into your proposals. Now that’s proposal support. I know right?!!!


    Wine BikeBuffet Train

    Land and Water Contraptions

    Gantry Bike, Carousel, Spin Cycle, Chariot, SS GantryPaddleship

    Branding surfaces and dimensions

    This document includes illustrations of each of the surfaces available for all our our devices. Dimensions and examples are included. Take a look to see the full range of possibilities.

    Get branding document

    Theme Sheets

    These sheets include our devices with themed costuming and scenic coverings. We’ll be adding more, so be sure to check back or get in touch if you don’t see what you are looking for.

    80’s, Comic Con, Formula 1, Football, Halloween, Christmas, LED, Military/Aviation, Viva Las Vegas


    Proposal Support Custom Sketches

    Sometimes it takes showing your clients what these devices might look like once transformed to fit your intended themes or emblazoned with their logos. Check out the wide range of custom devices, scenic ideas and examples of branding opportunities. Maybe you’ll be inspired to request something for your next proposal.

    High rez photos and artwork

    Yes!!!! no need to add those blurry screen shots into your proposals.  Below you will find high resolution pics for your proposals. Photos are 5×7 at 300 dpi. E-mail if you need larger format pics or if don’t find what you are looking for.